A wooden board with cheese, crackers and artichokes.


A wooden board with cheese, crackers and artichokes.

How Do You Cook An Artichoke?


  • 1 Nice round Artichoke with no brown on tips


  • Place artichoke in water in a sink and clean out between the leaves.
  • Cut stalk flush to the base of the artichoke. I often cut the sharp tips off but this is not necessary.
  • Fill a pan with enough water to almost cover the artichoke. It will float. Submerge it with your hand to get some water in the leaves. Add a tsp of sea salt to the water. Bring to a boil and keep it on a high simmer for about an hour.
  • It is ready when you can pull a leaf off without resistance. Drain upside down and place in a bowl. Get a second bowl ready to put leaves in after eating.
  • Serve with Goat cheeses and whole grain crackers.
    Serve with Miso/Mayo sauce, olive oil with sea salt and pepper or hummus
  • On each leaf, you only eat the very bottom where there is a meaty part, then discard it in a bowl. You eat all the leaves until they start to get thinner. Then you grab the whole thing and tear it off to expose the heart. Then you use a spoon to scrap off the petals and fuzzy part on top of the heart. Discard the petals and fuzz. (It is actually kind of fun to do it) Then divide the heart into bite-size pieces. Add your choice of sauce or just enjoy with a little sea salt and pepper.