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New Book from M Jill Keenon - Change Health Habits - Welcome to Preventative Health Pathway

New Book


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This new book has been almost four years in the making. I wanted to hand my “Preventative Health Pathway” clients a resource to have with them after a session. I realized that when writing this book, I could reach more people who may not be my clients. All the new ideas and to-do lists can be overwhelming. This book has it all in one place. In layman’s terms, you can read some of the science behind why I recommend you take these steps, places to take notes, and tasty recipes to start your new pathway to better brain and gut health. I am excited to provide this book because I believe it could genuinely help you have a more successful outcome when you decide to take steps to a healthier life.


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Our new book is designed in an attractive, organized, and convenient way. It will look as appealing on the shelf as your other books, but is user-friendly with lay-flat binding for easy recipe use.
Anyone can use this book with or without our Preventative Health Pathway Coach services. It will give you tools to change habits better suited to your health. However, using a functional medicine doctor and health coach for many things would be helpful. For instance, to run labs and interpret them. If you have mold, Lyme, or heavy metal toxicity, it is tough to do it alone. This book will give you an understanding of what you need to battle these conditions that can hide and imitate other illnesses. Then, it might be a good idea to reach out for some help.
If, after reading the book, you would be interested in more help, contact Jill Keenon at 224-856-7915 or email