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Dementia is not a normal part of aging!

About Me

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My focus is on brain health

M Jill Keenon RN, BSN
  • RN, BSN
  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • Certified Brain Health Coach (Amen Clinic)
  • ReCODE Practitioner

is it possible to prevent or reverse dementia?

Yes! Prevention is the Key!

There is great hope for a clear brain and a healthy body throughout our lives. Preventative Health Pathway offers health coaching to help prevent dementia. Jill uses the ReCODE protocol and lifestyle changes to keep brains sharp. Our focus is on training the brain and keeping it healthy. The focus is on holistic health for the whole body which encompasses brain health.

There are at least 36 factors that can interrupt good cognition. As your health coach, Jill would help you navigate what your individual plan should be to improve cognition and general health.

This would include:

  • Labs ordered and evaluated by Dr. Montalvo working with Preventative Health Pathway.
  • General health history and evaluation
  • Lifestyle changes for the best results with a health coach to explain and help implement the step
  • Cellcore Products for any Supplements needs for parasitic cleanse or detox of pathagens, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, and toxins.
A woman with red hair and a stethoscope around her neck.
A woman with glasses and a stethoscope around her neck.


  • Nurse/health coach partnering with a functional medicine nurse practitioner
  • In-home or virtual instruction
  • Personalized plan
  • Convenient prescribed testing

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My heart’s desire is for people to enjoy food that is good for their brains. I love to experiment at family parties with new recipes. I hope to impart my excitement to others so they can know that what they put in their mouths is doing great things for their brains.

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  The perfect smoothie with a sprouted whole grain to start your day.

October 25, 2023

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