Firefly Photobiomodulation

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Firefly Light Therapy™ is the latest in multi-spectrum LED light therapy for pain, neurological disorders, and pathogen issues. Firefly uses a powerful wave of light to penetrate the skin, tissue, and surrounding nerves to treat soft tissue injuries, reduce pain, promote wound healing, and provide therapy for chronic conditions, such as arthritis and failed back syndrome. Exciting data from current clinical studies indicate that Bales Photonics Firefly Light Therapy may be able to reverse the symptoms of central nervous system disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Additionally, extensive proof exists documenting pain relief from all types of inflammatory diseases and injuries with the use of this multi-spectrum technology. Firefly combined with a Fscan can pinpoint and potentially destroy parasites in people suffering from a variety of auto-immune disorders and gut issues. There is also ample evidence that cognitive decline is linked to gut issues making it a great place to start for treatment.



Parasite ablation


How is Firefly Light Therapy Different from Traditional LEDs or Lasers?
You may already own an LED or Laser but see how it compares to Firefly:

1. The Power: 37,710 milliwatts of power to be exact–at or above any Class IV laser. The two wands together equal 75,420 milliwatts of power.
2. The Permeation Depth: At our power level you can permeate the body up to 20 centimeters or 8 inches
3. It’s Multi-Spectral: 8 different wavelengths can be used in any combination
4. It’s Programmable: Combine the Firefly Clinic Pro with our F-Scan to pinpoint pathogens & potentially
eliminate them
5. It’s Affordable: We want Firefly Light Therapy in every Functional and Integrative clinic so we’re keeping the
cost as low as possible and very competitive with any comparable device (and there truly isn’t any comparable